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Nuclear Dawn (2011/MULTI4/Steam-Rip) Updated on 12/03/2012

Nuclear Dawn (2011/MULTI4/Steam-Rip) Updated on 12/03/2012
Year: 2011 | PC | Eng /Ger/Rus/Cze | Developer: InterWave Studios | Publisher: InterWave Studios | 4.98
Genre: Action (Shooter) / Strategy (Real-time) / 3D / 1st Person / Online-only

Nuclear Dawn - the first game, it is equally combines the elements of shooter and strategy, without any simplification of the two sides of the gameplay.

Playing for the infantry, explore post-apocalyptic landscape disfigured by the war, started under the influence of modern cities, and fought with the enemy as a heavily armed soldiers, attack or spy. Use the ten sets of arms with a variety of weapons to accomplish the task. Nuclear Dawn shooter in a hard, fast and unforgiving, which is based on the experience of players and tactics, rather than the bare reflexes and memorizing the characteristics of each card.
Then step back from direct action and play the role of commander. Create teams of other players and ask them to tactical objectives. Organize the flow of resources for your army, and for the construction of important facilities. Use the terrain and point to resources in order to block the advance of the enemy and then destroy their plans with an iron fist. Study and implement new technologies to give your soldiers the advantage on the battlefield, as well as to build a progressive strengthening of systems of defense or attack of your choice.


The two factions: the Empire and the Consortium Databases are built quite differently.
The commander of the strategist: Erect buildings, learn advanced technology, apply the devastating blows at the enemy and lead their team to victory in the role of commander.
Four classes: Each side has four classes with different sets of weapons, which has more than three dozen weapons.
Playing as a team: Team fights designed for 32 people.
Six cards: Explore the largest and most detailed maps for the Source engine to date.
Advanced weapons: As commander, properly treat their troops and undermines the health of the enemy, using advanced skills.
Statistics and improvement: 60 ranks, 12 for each weapon improvements, achievements and much more.
The engine Source: Technology Left 4 Dead 2 is modified in such a way that you get an incredible feeling to multiplayer games.

Information about Downloading
General Information:

In the distribution there *. Ncf files to run the game through Steam client.
The game works fine through the broken Steam client, for example GreenLuma .
Distribution will change as the release of updates for the game.

Version of the game:

Version 12.03.08 (NuclearDawn)
Network Version
Exe build: 19:05:41 Feb 4 2012 (4817) (17710)
Version *. Ncf files:

nucleardawn_bin_win32.ncf: 112
nucleardawn_client.ncf: 34
nucleardawn_content.ncf: 115

Install, configure, launch
Without the Steam client:

Create a directory for the game;
Copy the contents of a directory in a nuclear dawn directory to the game;
Copy the contents of the directory to the directory no steam games with the replacement of files;
Go to the directory with the game;
Open any text editor a file rev.ini;
In the section [Emulator] to replace the value of Language in your native language (with no space after "=");

In the section [SteamClient] to replace the value of PlayerName to your name (no space after "=");

Save your changes and close the file rev.ini;
Start the game file loader.exe.

A Steam client:

Copy the contents of the directory. Ncf subdirectory steamapps, installed Steam client;
Copy the directory in a subdirectory of nuclear dawn steamapps common, installed Steam client;
Run the game from the Steam client library.

Dedicated Servers
Status: No Steam
Hours of operation: 24/7
Location: Russia, Samara
Provider: Samara-Transtelecom
Status: No Steam
Hours of operation: 24/7
Location: Russia, Samara
Provider: Inttel

Nuclear Dawn (2011/MULTI4/Steam-Rip) Updated on 12/03/2012

Nuclear Dawn (2011/MULTI4/Steam-Rip) Updated on 12/03/2012

Nuclear Dawn (2011/MULTI4/Steam-Rip) Updated on 12/03/2012

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