InventorCAM 2018 SP2 HF4 Multilang for Autodesk Inventor Multilanguage (x64) 2018
x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 3.36 GB

InventorCAM is a new generation CAD / CAM system developed by Israeli firm SolidCAM Ltd (Official distributor in Russia - Consistent Software). This system is a complete solution for automation of metalworking production. With the use of a wide range of strategies offered by InventorCAM for turning, milling, turning-milling and electro-erosion machining, a technologist can quickly prepare the necessary set of control programs for machining a product.

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Red Giant Keying Suite 11.1.11 (x64)
Red Giant Keying Suite 11.1.11 (x64) | File size: 81 MB

Red Giant's Keying Suite 11 is a complete set of professional tools for seamless keying that amps up the realism of your composite. Get great results for basic keying situations as well as multi-step composites and difficult shots like low light or choppy footage. The three plug-ins work fluidly between After Effects and Final Cut Pro, and save you time with a wide range of powerful features like spill removal, edge detail and wire rigging. From frizzy hair to transparent glass, Keying Suite takes you successfully from the initial matte to the final composite.

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Blue Cat's All Plug-Ins Pack 2018.10.2
Blue Cat's All Plug-Ins Pack 2018.10.2 | File size: 259 MB

A complete professional digital audio processing environment in a single bundle: the Blue Cat's PatchWork standalone application and the complete collection of Blue Cat Audio's commercial audio plug-ins: a total of 20 products, including 6 award-winning unique audio analysis tools, 3 powerful dynamics processors, 4 premium equalizers, and a unique scripting plug-in to build your own effects or virtual instruments.

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Steinberg Cubase Artist v9.5.40 MacOS-iND
Steinberg Cubase Artist v9.5.40 MacOS-iND | 1.05 GB

With a rich feature set tailored to instrumentalists and songwriters who put music first, Cubase Artist offers all you need to develop your songs and productions from scratch. Streamlined recording and vocal editing tools, inspirational composing features, superb virtual instruments, FX, amps, and much more - Cubase Artist offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring artists seeking its equal in price and quality. Top 10 key features
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Adobe InCopy CC v14.0 (x64) 2019
x64 | Language:Multilanguage | File Size: 979 MB

Adobe InCopy CC 2019 - a program for the professional creation and editing of materials, closely associated with the program Adobe InDesign CC 2018 to improve the interaction of design teams and editors. Adobe InCopy CC 2019 is ideal for large projects where many people work on text and graphic design.

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Adobe Prelude CC v8.0 (x64) 2019
x64 | File Size: 760 MB

Rapidly tag and transcode video footage and quickly create a rough cut with Prelude CC - a video logging and ingest tool designed for intuitive, efficient media organization and metadata entry. Prelude translates effortlessly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, ensuring fluid communication and organization throughout the video production process.

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Adobe Dimension CC 2.0 (x64) 2019
x64 | File Size: 1.42 GB

Adobe Dimension CC (formerly Project Felix) makes it easy for graphic designers to create high-quality, photorealistic 3D images. Composite 2D and 3D assets to build product shots, scene visualizations, and abstract art.

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Adobe Character Animator CC v2.0 (x64) 2019
x64 | File Size: 1.20 GB

Make art that imitates life. Create a 2D character and make it come alive. Character Animator CC copies your facial movements so your characters act - and react - realistically.

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Honda DVD Satellite Navigation System v3.C0 Europe 2018
Honda DVD Satellite Navigation System v3.C0 Europe 2018 | 12.61 GB

Honda Satellite Navigation DVD V3.C0 2017 - 2018 (Western + Eastern Europe)
Roads are constantly changing - that is why, in the wake of them, our cards are constantly changing. The latest update of maps of Europe in the Honda navigation system will allow you to feel equally confident on the roads as during business trips and traveling.
Modern maps provide information on the best routes, new roads, reliable detours, nearby gas stations, hospitals, restaurants and other facilities.
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Gemvision Matrix 9.0 Build 7343 x64
Gemvision Matrix 9.0 Build 7343 x64 | 2.35 GB

I decided to install it completely according to the instructions for version 8. No problems have arisen. It starts without questions. Therefore, the instruction concerns only the installation.
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