EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise

EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise | 29.3 MB

An award-winning network inventory software for organizations of any sizes. It offers features for remote audit of every PC in your network without having to install client modules. By using EMCO Network Inventory you can get detailed hardware, software inventory and licensing information from all remote PCs within seconds. Powerful reporting module helps you save a lot of time for preparing network PC inventory and network audit reports.
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Windows 8 Pro Activator v1.0 Final (+ Windows 8 Personalization Enabler)

Windows 8 Pro Activator v1.0 Final (+ Windows 8 Personalization Enabler) | 7.76 Mb

Windows 8 Professional Final Activator. This is the latest New Windows 8 100% Working Activator. Try it Now and Activate Your Windows 8 Pro, Enterprise, and Core Final Edition.
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Cacheman 7.60 Multilingual

Cacheman 7.60 Multilingual | 5.3 Mb

Cacheman is a Windows software designed to speed up your computer by optimizing several caches, managing RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings. Auto-Optimization makes it suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts. Backups of settings ensure that all user modifications can be reversed with a single click.
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Yep 3.1.1 MacOSX

Yep 3.1.1 | Mac Os X | 5.3 MB

What is Yep? Well, photos have iPhoto. Music has iTunes. But when it comes to PDFs and other office documents, you're on your own. That is, until now. Now there is Yep and there's no looking back.
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Avid Sibelius v7.1.3 (Mac OSX)

Avid Sibelius v7.1.3 (Mac OSX) | 700 MB

The latest generation of the world?s best-selling music notation software, Avid Sibelius 7 is sophisticated enough to meet the demands of top composers, arrangers, and publishers, yet simple enough for beginners and students. Work quickly with the brand-new, task-oriented user interface.
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Permute 1.3.11

Permute 1.3.11 | Mac Os X | 10 MB

Permute is an easy to use, Drag & Drop interface for converting almost any video. Comes with tons of presets for things like the Apple TV (1&2) Xbox, Playstation, iPhone, and much more. If that isn't enough, you can even create your own presets!
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Windows 8 All Activator Collection (Oct 2012)
Windows 8 All Activator Collection (Oct 2012) | 25.5 Mb

This is a new windows 8 activator. This Windows 8 Activator Works with all version of windows 8. Previous Windows 8 Activator Does not works well. But This Windows 8 Activator Works With all Version.
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Garmin City Navigator Europe NT (2013.20)
Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2013.20 | 2.51 GB

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Bunker 8 Martini Lounge Multiformat

Bunker 8 Martini Lounge Multiformat | 2.34 GB

'Martini Lounge' from Bunker 8 is a collection that features 6 laidback cool and exotic Construction Kits. Each kit contains a full sample mix, an instruments only mix, a drum mix, plus all of the elements separated. With this collection you will be laying down those chilling grooves in no time.
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Airfoil 4.7.3 | Mac Os X | 10 MB

Airfoil allows you to send any audio to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, and even other Macs and PCs, all in sync! It's your audio - everywhere. With Airfoil you can take audio from any application and send to your AirPort Express units, as well as Apple TVs, and even other Macs and PCs running Airfoil Speakers! Transmit audio from RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and other media players. Send audio from web-based applications like Pandora, Last.fm, and other to the AirPort Express. You can even stream audio from audio devices like RadioSHARK, XM and Sirius radios, around your house.
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