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Error Handling in C# with Exceptions

Understanding and using exceptions is crucial to creating readable code that responds correctly to errors at runtime. This course will teach you how to handle errors in C# applications by throwing, catching, filtering, and customizing exceptions.

At the core of handling errors in C# code is a thorough knowledge of exception handling. In this course, Error Handling in C# with Exceptions, you'll learn how to write code that can detect and respond to runtime errors. First, you'll learn why exceptions are used to represent errors in C# and how they are organized into class hierarchies. Next, you'll explore how to throw, catch, filter, rethrow, and wrap exceptions. Finally, you'll discover how to define, throw, and catch your own customized exception classes and also write unit tests for exception throwing code. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a thorough knowledge of C# exceptions that will help you to create production-ready C# applications that detect and respond to runtime errors.

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Tags: Handling, Exceptions

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